Are you still looking for a job that fits your skill set?

Tell us, what are you good at and in which area you want to work. What can you bring to Sherpany? Maybe our team could benefit from your unique set of skills in ways we haven’t thought about.

We are curious to learn about what you have to offer! :-)

Here is who we are and what you can expect:

Sherpany’s mission is to give back time by turning formal meetings from time-wasters into value-creators. Our team is building a mobile and web-based platform that allows effective decision making by digitally transforming meetings. By minimizing and automating administrative, organizational and repetitive work Sherpany’s platform is actively saving resources like paper, and eliminating the need for accessive shipping and travel. Our headquarter is located in Zurich and we have offices in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Wroclaw.

We’re now a team of over 100 people that share the same values and work in engineering, sales, customer success, operations, product marketing and management. We are a multinational team that speak more than 13 languages (not counting all the programming languages).

What we offer:

  • Flexible working-hours and home-office possibility
  • Regular team events and company-wide retreats
  • Collegial work environment with flat hierarchy, where your ideas and initiatives are highly welcome
  • Feeling of impact and responsibility, with direct feedback from the team and customers